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View attachment 27608Another fun rig to fly. The Flip FPV Pro from HoverThings. This one has an EagleTree Vector Flight Controller, ImmersionRC 5.8GHz vtx with fatshark fpv camera, running 9" props.


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Here's mine.

Skyline32 advanced
12A blheli ESCs
2204 motors
king kong 260 frame
eachine CCD 600mw camera
Leds on front and back arms
siren/warning red led on top
2200 3s Floureon battery
radiolink r6d receiver
balance cable 3 way splitter (to power leds and camera)
I also attach my gopro session to the top front sometimes too.

I just built this recently and it flys better than anything so far. I love that I can fly in headless mode and do alt hold. It's so easy to control with headless mode. I used cleanflight to configure it. I only think I'd like changed is the max angle. It's a bit touchy. I like how when I used to fly with cc3d I could set my max angle to 20 degrees and it would go slower even if I pushed the stick all the way.

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Nice 540. I have one that flies very nice with some Zoar wood props. Do you mean both of your rigs use the Vector? I guessing that's what you mean. The EagleTree vector is a great flight controller/osd all in one.
Both use Vector. Have a Vortex. Good brain fart.

AMA 954079 KG5BBF

@charleshildalgo That 370 hex is wicked. I bet it hauls ass. The pics make it look larger than it really is. I was thinking about building one after my 250 but I never got any good stick time in with my 250 so I put it off. I fried an ESC on my 250 and haven't got back to it cause I have been wrapped up in my 960 build.


I do things with stuff!


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I do things with stuff!
View attachment 27644 View attachment 27645 HMB235
Frsky dr4-II
ZTW Spider 18A esc's
The Naze is a Rev. 5 Acro Naze 32 with cleanflight installed
12v Pololu.
Sunnysky 2207 2100kv motors
Battery firewall
XAT600 Sony Super HAD CCD 600TVL FPV IR Block Camera and new camera plate adapter from MultiRc installed
ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8 vtx
Ibcrazy Race spec antenna
DAL 5" bullnose props
mobius camera


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I do things with stuff!
Discovery pro w/onboard core
TBS bulletproof 30a esc's
TBS 900kv V2 motors
TBS 69 camera
Pixhack flight controller
TBS crossfire 8ch diversity rx
TBS core pro
TBS blackbox
All black DJI arms
Immersionrc 600mw 5.8ghz vtx
TBS Triumph antennas for air and ground side (back ordered in many places)
Taranis X9D w/custom hydrodipped carbon fiber body, pulse 2550mah 3s battery
TBS crossfire, spektrum module,
GoPro Hero 3 Silver
Fatshark Dominator goggles with ski mask modification with newer style 1800mah fatshark battery
10x5 Props
California Dan's Tbs gimbal camera mount (keeps gopro square to the gimbal and allows for removal in seconds with no velcro hassles)
Maxamps 5450 4s true 120c rating

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Been out of R/C for the last 30 years. Wow has it changed! Addicted to FPV. Have a Nano QX FPV, QX2 on order, Inductrix 200 and Vortex250Pro. Rakon kits that I just recieved fore the Nano and an Inductrix that I what to convert to a Tiny Whoop. Skip to 3:53 to see me pissing off the wife.


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Hello, can you help me? I am new in FPV systems. I want to buy a this transmitter: and this monitor: for making a FPV System. I will use the existing camera Git1.
I will use the fpv system on my rc car and in near future on my quadcopter.
Can you tell me if this products are a good solutions for my fpv system or what you recomand?