Shift : A Revolutionary Drone Controlling System.



Hello, We have invented a revolutionary drone controller, the name is "Shift".

We uploaded our product on and You can find out more information there.

We're developing several kinds of products.
1. SHIFT Controller (Ver 1 with attached rings and Ver 2 with detached ring)
- With this minimal controller, you can control your drone with one hand.

2. SHIFT Controller Extension (Ver 1, Ver 2)
- You can put 'SHIFT Controller' into this 'Extension'. And it will be connected.
- Extension is provided with more powerful functions like Gimbal-Controller and Programmerble Switches.
- And Also, It is includes VIDEO RECEIVER and we're trying to provide diverse FPV camera options.

3. SHIFT Drone
- SHIFT Controller is adaptable with other drone makers. But we're developing our signature drone that makes maximize SHIFT's every features.

Thank you.
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I really don't want to control my drone with just a thumb and a finger... so much less control it seems

Thank you for your opinion.
But we've found it very useful and powerful while controlling drones with our running mockup.
Even if you're FPV racer, SHIFT Extension Controller can be a better solution.
Because you can change flight mode very easily with programmerble switches.
You know it's very hard while controlling very fast drone before, but with SHIFT, you can do it with no controlling interference.

SHIFT never make you control less. It offers More.
Using two thumbs and concentration on controlling drones?
(in traditional way)
In fact, It really is a waste of your resources..

Please think about it.
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Ok.. just wondering but what does the other hand do? Control another drone (jk)?
For basic usage, you can move gimbals, press programmable buttons.
Some people would find more usage for their needs - Imagine that they attached their DIY Actuators to the drone!
Even when just letting other hand sleeps,
I guarantee you that one-hand-control is less confusing so that can provides you a smooth flying.
I really appreciate you for your interesting questions! Stay tuned :D

How is yaw controlled?
You can control yaw with forefinger, While contrilling drone with one thumb.
For your consideration, attached picture would be helpful.