1. V

    Really Great Landscape Of flight

    nidici kun 5.5, matek-ctr, betaflight 3.5, xfire, fpv af 2507 2200kv, gemfan 6x4.2x3, ovonic 1550mah 4s.
  2. W

    Hubsan X4 H109S Flight Fun

  3. Walkera F210 Flight Test With Tattu R-lin 95C Lipo

    Walkera F210 Flight Test With Tattu R-lin 95C Lipo

    Luckily to get three free Tattu R-line 4s 95c Lipo battery, and I then I test it for my Walkera F210. The Tattu R-Line 4s 1300mAh battery performed very well, punch-outs are even more impressive than with stock battery.
  4. W

    DM003 Mini Drone Flight Board Replacement

    Today I learned a lesson on testing out a mini drone's flight board before soldering all the motors back in. There is an update to the story at the end. Enjoy.
  5. C

    Need Help CAA Practical Flight Assessment

    I have my CAA Practical Flight Assessment coming up and I don't feel terribly prepared. For the people who've done the test, what did you do for your pre-flight research? What did you bring with you to the exam, and do I take the 50m rule into account when taking off/landing and flying near to...
  6. tieseoul

    Shift : A Revolutionary Drone Controlling System.

    Hello, We have invented a revolutionary drone controller, the name is "Shift". We uploaded our product on Kickstarter.com and You can find out more information there. We're developing several kinds of products. 1. SHIFT Controller (Ver 1 with attached rings and Ver 2 with detached ring)...
  7. Droider

    Show what you filmed - Post Your Video Here

    Ok.. I am going to start a thread for videos shot from your AP.. Not first flight or test videos but something that u may use for work or as an example of APV. After a disastrous start to the weekends filming I rebuilt my ADX3 and got out in the last light of the day yesterday and got this...