1. 4k drone footage | Sofia,Bulgaria | Travel in 2021

    4k drone footage | Sofia,Bulgaria | Travel in 2021

    This is the third city of Bulgaria travel. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In fact, I couldn't decide whether to go to Bulgaria or not. The reason I travel is not only to satisfy myself, but also to share my travels with people, especially in the current situation. So I wasn't sure if Bulgaria co
  2. D


    It can handle 70 amperes in short bursts and it boasts a 32 bit computer on board. Gonna use it for my quad
  3. D

    New Drone!

    Hi everyone! We're new to this board but not new in drones. Our team is building a drone with completely autonomous navigation - INDOOR! Using beyond state of the art sensors that just a few years ago were deployed only by the military combined with Machine Vision, our drone will be able to...
  4. D

    To all drone experts and who simply loves drones!

    To all drone experts and who simply loves drones! What would you choose between and ? Why?
  5. R

    Seeking advice for an autonomous ping pong drone player

    Hello everyone, I made an autonomous ping pong drone player prototype during my master research . Now it is able to return some balls thrown at it 40% of the time, in simulation it achieves 80%. Do you think some people will be interested in that kind of product to buy to play ping pong...
  6. A

    Need Help Choosing a Drone for Covid-19 Response Programme

    Hi everyone, I work for a Foundation that is planning to launch a drone response programme for a possible 2nd wave of Covid-19. We are looking for drones that would be able to deliver food parcels or PPE equipment to frontline NHS staff in emergencies. We are looking for a drone around the...
  7. U

    Need Help! Futaba T6j channel setting

    Hello everyone! I need your help! For some reason, I can’t display all the channels in betaflight. Only 1 stick and wheel work for me! The question is actually why the rest of the sticks in betaflight do not work! I switch them and they do not carry any action! Receiver are OK! There is no such...
  8. Flying around the world.

    Flying around the world.

    All shots filmed in 4k on the Mavic2pro.
  9. bigelvis01

    Has anyone bought the drone from freefly system?

    I'm interested in buying a drone from freefly system, but I didn't get reply from them, is anyone of one bought before? any thoughts?
  10. J

    Questions about live preview of go pro drone mount visual range.

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is a mega noob question but I'm really struggling to find the information I'm looking for online so I thought I would ask the professionals directly. I'm hoping to buy an action camera to use for sports filming, with the hope of eventually buying a camera-less drone and...
  11. M

    Looking for a specific gimbal

    Good morning, New to the forum, but I have been a drone pilot, builder, real estate, commercial, for years. I am currently faced with a task for a company I am contracted to find a gimbal that is 3 axis, but also give angle feedback for a program the company is creating. Finding a working...
  12. SaGO FPV

    What Do Yoy Think Anout My Video Guys ?

  13. B

    Application of TF03 drone sensor in Pixhawk

    Benewake TF03 LiDAR can directly be connected with the serial port of Pixhawk. TF03 can be used in flight device for the purpose of altitude holding or obstacle avoidance. This document is suitable to Pixhawk adopts ArduCopter V3.6.2 or higher firmware(Note:Standard output mode should be used...
  14. D

    How to build drone using DJI Snail propulsion system

    Hi, I was reading some of the DJI components. I was thinking of assemble some drone system myself. Reading through SNAIL spec, I did not see much about pin connections. I roughly know one side is 3 pins to the motor, and the other side is GND/VDD, with two additional wires. Flight controller...
  15. H

    Drones for Groomsman Gifts

    Hey everyone, I am new to drones, hence the Beginner thread, and have been trying to do as much research as possible on drones. Unfortunately, information is all over the place and in my experience, the best place to go is the knowledge and experience of others. I am looking to buy some...
  16. António Soares

    Need Help! Opinion about a drone under $200

    Hi I want to buy a drone on gearbest with GPS and a good camera under $200. What's the best choice?
  17. N

    Advice for foldable (and affordable) drone

    Hello everybody. Before starting, I am sorry if this is not the correct section where to post. I needed an advice on what quadcopter to buy. I have always been fascinated by the RC world: I have owned some RC helicopters, a Walkera 36, and I own now an entry level drone: Syma X8. All these...
  18. .Roadster

    Wanted I'm Wanting To Buy XAircraft Frames, Parts, Complete Birds...

    I'm looking to buy any XAircraft parts, frames, complete birds. I have plenty of FC's and some parts leftover, but I'm in need of upper plates, lower plates, misc parts. Mainly looking for X650 PRO but will also buy 650 V4/V8 frames as well Thanks!
  19. N


    Help!! I have just built my first drone (3D printed) and have got it flying- it all works except for the front left motor will randomly cut out for a split second, which is enough to flip the whole drone before it powers back up and hurtles towards the ground .I have a 4in1 ESC, wired to a PDB...
  20. War Chest