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Hello to everyone!

We are Erle Robotics, a young startup that makes robotic brains and robots.

Today we want to show you our most popular drone, the Erle-Copter!


What is the Erle-Copter?

A Linux-based smart drone with support for the Robot Operating System.

Erle-Copter is a quadcopter for developers that uses the Erle-Brain 3 hardware autopilot and the APM flight stack. In a nutshell, it’s a Linux flying robot kit whose behavior can be extended in the same way you’ll code something in your Desktop Linux machine.

It’s ideal for outdoor operations and it has been designed for an extended flight time (about 20 minutes) with a takeoff weight of up to 1 kilogram.

Ready to fly!


Modular Design

Erle-Copter’s design makes it customizable to the point that you can include different modules such as antivibration system, cameras, gimbals, range finders, Electro Permanent Magnets, LIDARs and ALL YOU NEED.

Create your own Linux flying device with Erle-Copter!


It flyes, OK, and what else?

And much more!! You can:

1. Make it follow you (feel like a leader!)
2. Control with your voice (who is the boss now?)
3. Return To Launch feature (return home little one!)
4. Attach a wide variety of sensors (check this examples!)
5. It flips! (Why not to have some fun?)
6. Plan some missions (even with your smartphone!)
7. Take pictures and videos in the waypoints or when you want!
8. And much more! The limit is your imagination! Or skill... ;-)


Erle-Copter is offered at a 5% discount with the coupon code “promojun” at our storefront for a limited period!

Hope you like it!