1. BillM-RC

    JJRC M02 review - VTOL Brushless 6 axis Gyro 3D 6G Mode Aircraft RTF

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts JJRC M02 review. In this JJRC M02 review of this 2.4G 6CH 450mm Wingspan EPO Brushless 6-axis Gyro Aerobatic RC Airplane RTF 3D/6G Mode Aircraft, I include unboxing, inspection, setup and flight mode tests.
  2. Giovanni59

    For Sale Hexacrafter HC800 Heavy Lifter Custom Built UAV

    You are looking at a custom built UAV purchased and assembled in 2013. The manufacturer of the frame is Hexacrafter. This is a heavy lifter UAV that can be fitted with a multiple of various gimbals to lift large, high end cameras. Right now it is fitted with the Hexacrafter HC2 camera gimbal...
  3. H

    Radio Control Drones Calculator

    Hi, I was looking around in the app store that I see this app that calculates parameters of flight. I think maybe you would like it too. direct link: Amazon app store:
  4. War Chest

    Almost Sunset at an Abandoned Psychiatric Ward

  5. feller94

    Transmitter/Receiver module for DYI Quadcopter

    Hi there, new guy here! :p So, let's see how to say this.. These days I'm searching informations and learning more about drones in general, because I'd like to build one myself. I don't have many problem (at least, for now), except for the tx/rx modules. Oh, I forgot to mention: I prefer...
  6. Erle

    News Say hello to Erle-Copter!

    Hello to everyone! We are Erle Robotics, a young startup that makes robotic brains and robots. Today we want to show you our most popular drone, the Erle-Copter! What is the Erle-Copter? A Linux-based smart drone with support for the Robot Operating System. Erle-Copter is a quadcopter...
  7. J

    New Product 800 FREE Master Airscrew MR 10x4.5 Props

    Master Airscrew is now giving away 800 props for Multirotors 10x4.5 Performance data:
  8. A

    Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera gimbal

    Hi all! Thought I'd just do a quick introduction. I'm Andrew. I'm based in the UK and I have a video production company, looking to expand into aerial video. I've been flying a DJI F550 self build (NAZA V2 + GPS, Zenmuse H3-3D) for over a year now and I recently passed my EuroUSC BNUC-S...
  9. nathan

    DVP DVP #059 | Photography Part 2 – Understanding Camera Settings and MORE

    New podcast uploaded, check it out here: Photography Part 2 – Understanding Camera Settings | REVIEW of the HeliMax Voltage 500 3D Aerobatic Quadcopter