InfinityMR Universal high performance gimbal for GH4/A7S size cameras


Hi there!
Let me introduce new product - InfnityMR, an universal gimbal designed for cameras up to 1.4kg weight (Canon 5D included).
  • Gimbal weight: 1295g including Orbit damping system and Extended mounting system
  • Gimbal weight: 1110g excluding Orbit damping system and Extended mounting system
  • Supported cameras: up to 1.4kg weight including Canon 5D MKI-III* (and cameras like GH4/GH3/A7S/BMPCC/A6000 etc.)
  • Super rigid construction made from carbon fiber and aluminium
  • Different motors on all axis to provide best troque and stabilization
  • Best quality, high troque 28P motors
  • 14-16V operating voltage (4S lipo suggested)
  • Gimbal comes ready to use out of the box – 100% assembled, equipped with AlexMos controller, encoders, Orbit damping system with universal Extended mounting system
  • Innovative Orbit damping system for better vibrations damping – can be easlli
  • Extended mounting system – 12mm aluminium tube clamps with carbon rails for easy mounting on different multirotors
  • Easy balancing with thumbscrews
  • Box-shape camera shelf allows to mount AV tx/ HDMI converters etc.
  • MR mounting rails with 12mm tube clamps available separately

Designed by HD Air Studio.




AlexMos controller + encoders / Aerial tests

AlexMos encoders:

InfinityMR-S – a universal, lightweight gimbal supporting cameras up to 800g. It weights only 800g/677g – with/without the ORBIT damping system, what makes it a perfect choice for users seeking to make the flight time of a multirotor longer.

Combined with a TRANSFORMER handheld unit, InfinityMR-S will be a reliable partner during shoots on the ground.

InfinityMR-S comes as a fully assembled unit. So just get it out of the box and enjoy perfect stabilization.

InfinityMR-S is compatible with the most popular cameras on the market up to 800g (max width: 120mm; max height: 80mm), including: Sony RX100 I-IV; Sony A6000; Sony A6300, BlackMagic Micro Camera and all similar.
Weight: 800g (including the anti-vibration system and the mounting system)
Controller: AlexMos with encoders
Operating voltage: 4S LiPo battery
Toolless balancing system
Built-in ORBIT anti-vibration system
Materials: aluminum & carbon fiber
Dedicated encoder motors




And we have also nice handheld unit compatible with InfinityMR and InfinityMR-S:


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I was already flying with AlexMos and encoders, but I will post video on Thursday, when I'll be back form a short business trip. I can only say, it is very good and similar to Phobotic.


Aerial Fun
Weight with your std anti-vibration plate?
If using CP, are the motors with encoders needed?
Comparison of of CP vs Alexmos w/ encoder? Pro's and cons?


Weight of the whole gimbal including damping system is 1120g.
Prices you can find in here:
Encoders not supported by Phobotic yet but will be soon (as I spoke with for Phobotic).
I will upload the video using AlexMos with encoders within few hours, so you could compare it with Phobotic.


Looks great! Stabilization looks great. CP horizon is killing me to watch though. It's all over the place. I know Samur is sick of answering questions about it, but I hope there's something that can be done.


Hanks for good words! :)
This gimbal just works, and it does it very well.
When it comes to horizon drift, well, it is still a small issue - both in CP and AM.


Yes, it is already during design and prototype testing. It is going to be bigger and heavier and it will suport cameras up to 6kg.