Group Build 2015, FPV Racing Quad


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I've got an OZE 32 coming in the mail, it's basically a NAZE32 with the MiniOSD built in. I think it's that is selling them. The CC3D EVO (also a product) is working out pretty well in the Hornet 250 and my Naze32 equipped XY4 racer is awesome.

All in all, I'd almost tell people to start with a NAZE32 instead of the NAZA unless they know they're going bigger for special applications or aerial media stuff. Even then, the small boards have come so far it's hard to ignore them! In fact, I have to rebuild my DJI F450 from the 2014 Group Build and I'm going to make an XY4 with a clone F550 frame and probably put a NAZE on it instead of the NAZA!

The times, they are a changing!


You have me interested Bart, I have since busted out of my hovering around the house and started flying around the yard some. It really opens up a new world when you bank around a turn and take off in the opposite direction.
Between my tinkering nature and watching those videos... well I not ready to buy yet. But maybe after tax time... Birthday present?


So for people (like me) that would be starting with nothing. What is your opinions for FPV at the transmitter? goggles or screen?
A quick glance at goggles and I reolize they are just as much as the copter. What would yall recommend for newbies?
It is harder than I thought to figure out what works together.
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You may want to wait for this baby. 89.99 with receiver and batteries.