Does needing advanced IMU recalibration mean a bad Phantom?


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Hi Folks,

A guy just purchased my Phantom V1 but could not get GPS to calibrate after unboxing it and attempting to in the field. It would not start the props up either.

Anyway, he called me and I drove over, picked it up, brought it home and after I did an an advanced IMU calibration, it immediately started up, calibrated, locked in, and flys fine. The props not starting up was not surprising since DJI says if "sensor error is too big, the system will not work".

HOWEVER, he now tells me that he has "lost confidence" in it because it had to have the recalibration. I explained to him that any precision instrument needs to be recalibrated at times, but he is adamant that the Phantom is now unreliable.

So... I'm short on reasons why IMU would need to be recalibrated. Is it because I traveled from NY to Florida which is where I dropped the Phantom off to him at?

It wasn't dropped or treated roughly. Adult owned and operated, named "Betsy" and cared for gingerly. Only one IMU calibration done the first week I owned it (three months ago) and has approx. 30-40 hours of unremarkable (except for great videos!) flight time.

Do you think there's any reason to be suspicious of the Phantom's future performance?

Thanks much for any input.