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  • Hi Ed - Having issue with getting the GPS upgrade for A2. Been waiting months from the dealer I originally purchased the units from with no ETA. He says "still waiting stock". Meanwhile the new firmware wont let me fly with the old GPS. I have been grounded now for months. Is there really a such a long backorder on a mandatory upgrade? Any alternatives?
    Morning Ed - hoping you can answer a question for me - will the h4-3d work with h3-3d GCU? Thank you - John
    EDIT - it works - tested and flew several lipos this evening - no issues.
    Have been trying to figure out whats wrong for 3 weeks & have run out of ideas. Hoping you might be able to give me some idea of what I may be missing.


    on A2, the FC's switch from manual-Atti-GPS when toggle correct switch on 8FG Super. Pretty sure I have correct values set up in Tx but not sure now. Other issue - motors wont start when initiate start up. During set up the motors all spun when tested.

    You seem to be the man to go to with DJI issues so I am hoping you may be able to help. Upgraded from F550 to S800 EVO so am fairly proficient with FC & DJI assistant. When I connect the BT LED to my computer and turn on A2 assistant the LED flashes green constantly. I cannot get it into calibration mode to see if that is the cause of the green led status.

    No you do not have to be in IOC to enter Compass Calibration mode. The P2V defaults to GPS. Move the switch from position 1 to position 3 and back, that is one, about 6-8 times then wait. The LED should go solid, then rotate horizontally, the LED will change color, the rotate vertically with the nose pointed down. You will get several flashes and you are done.
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    Dji phantom vision 2 help !
    hello Ed
    I have a brand new vision 2 and went through the quick start guide with out a hitch until I tried to calibrate the compass for the first time . The only software that required updating was the transmitter , so it was updated. When powering up all is fine , green flashing , video like established , no compass errors , in the assistant the x,y,z, & mod appear to be normal ( from what I've read ) but no matter how many times I toggle the switch I can't get into the calibration mode and I'm a little skeptical to spool it up until I know whether I'm ok or not . If there was a compass error wouldn't the lights flash to indicate it ? Do I have to have IOC enabled to enter the compass calibration ?
    any assistance would greatly appreciated

    many thanks

    Dez, I have been using the DJI motors with success. Another quality alternative are the AXI and Tiger motors. For a hobby multi I find it hard to justify $50-$70 per motors. Most of the experimenting I have done with motors has been with the rctimer's and I rally cannot recommend them, plus they are not available in the US, I don't think. It has been a while since I looked.
    Hello Ed.

    I'd like to ask you a simple question which I am sure you can answer in a snap.

    My objective is to buy the best motor for my quad now that I am frustrated enough to take my time and do it right.

    My Chinese quad came with a faulty motor and it is going to be hell and probably not worth it for time and quality sake to replace it.

    The short question is, what would you buy for a 550mm quad all carbon SimonK 30 amp ESC Naza controller with GPS and powering with 3s 3000 lipos? It has gimbal with Goprop attached.

    So what is powerful, efficient, and what props go with it. Where can I get it in North America?

    Thanks and hope to hear back.

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