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age of drones logo 250x250.png Age of Drones is the first Specialized Exhibition and Conference with deep focus on drone cinematigraphy that will take place this autumn in Germany.
The two-day event will feature an exhibit hall displaying a variety of drones and accessories for commercial applications in cinematography and photography. The first day of an expo will give a great opportunities for key manufactures, distributors, resellers of UAS as well as cinema and production studious to expand business connections, and share working experience with each other.

Moreover, all participants will have a chance to visit specialized conference and find out the very latest news and trends of drones market. The second day is open for the general public. Saturated show program is planning.

More than 60 exhibitors - market leaders from Germany, Great Britain, France, United States, China and other countries will gather to become a part of Age of Drones Expo:

· UAV manufacturers

· Component Suppliers

· Service Providers

· Software Developers

· Insurance Companies

For any additional information about trade fair, please, visit: http://www.ageofdrones-expo.com/


  • age of drones logo 250x250.png
    age of drones logo 250x250.png
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For me Germany is otherside the equator! It would be great if some one that went there could post a nice long article of the new concepts presented at such an Expo.....er....even if they can point to a magazine that did a full coverage? I am sure some thing exciting is going to come up, nobody would want to miss that?


Brain controlled drones are knocking on the door. Drone swarms using human-brain interface mechanisms will, in the next three to five years, make inroads where individually controlled UAVs cannot, says Artemiadis - director of the Human-Oriented Robotics and Control (HORC) Lab at Arizona State University.


why bother with human brain to drone interface when there's AI ? humans are obsolete, buddy