1. FPV Garage

    Holybro Kopis 1 210mm FPV Racing Drone

    Holybro is a well-known Chinese brand that delivers high quality FPV equipment. This year they offer a very interesting high-end racing quadcopter with excellent performance out of the box: the Kopis 1. We really liked it! Let us see it in detail. Introduction The Kopis 1 is a...
  2. FPV Garage

    FuriBee DarkMax 220mm Brushless FPV Racing Drone

    Furibee is a Chinese brand available on Gearbest very active in the FPV market. One of the first and most interesting product was the Furibee Fuuton 200: a great $180 plug and fly drone. Then they delivered many models in the market (maybe too many?) and the Furibee Darkmax that we are reviewing...
  3. J

    New Mini-Doc about FPV Drone Racing

    A few years ago I spoke to a lad at the first ever UK Drone Show who was interested about doing a project on FPV Drone Racing for a course and would I be interested in being involved which I was more than happy to help :) Since then we met a few times and I got to show Duarte Dias how fun FPV...
  4. D

    DroneX Racing Season starts in August.

    Starting a Drone Racing Organization called DroneX fairly new. Looking to kick off the racing seasons in August till November. Need some talented individuals to come be apart of my racing group. All races will offer a prize in cash, the amount is TBD. Have a Handbook for racing created but it...
  5. J

    UK Drone Show 2016 Track Footage

    Hi All, What an amazing time had at this years UK Drone Show 2016: The racing was intense, the track was tight and fast and the competitors where in top form, thats the perfect recipe for some awesome action and a adrenaline fueled weekend. The organisers at the UK...
  6. Olha_ie

    Age of Drones is coming!

    Age of Drones is the first Specialized Exhibition and Conference with deep focus on drone cinematigraphy that will take place this autumn in Germany. The two-day event will feature an exhibit hall displaying a variety of drones and accessories for commercial applications in cinematography and...