Zenmuse 15 camera controls


Was looking at the Zenmuse 15 for the Sony Nex5. Would like to know if you can switch on and off the video and also switch to taking snapshots (also being able to turn them on and off) while flying. I can do this with my Strato Snapper I have now, but I've contacted two sellers of the Zenmuse and they were not able to give me an answer. Also, I hear the stabilization is great with the Zinmuse, but unless you have retractable landing gear, is it worth the extra money, seeing how you be getting your landing gear in most of the pictures if you pan.


DJI-Z15-Manual page 19: shutter channel is for shutter, AUX3 ist for start/stop video.
"Is it worth the extra money?" The Zenmuse or the retracts? You can fly with retracts, but you can also fly without landing legs (and takeoff/land) from a plattform. I am not sure what you would like to know, but if you want to pan a lot (2-person setup), the landing legs will be a problem.

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Remember you also need a WKM to make the Zen work even it it is not your Flight Controller. It adds to the cost by a third.