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Hi All,

If anyone could offer me some advice.

Have had a Mavic, superb photo/videography drone.

Have a Hubsan 501sX4 which is a super drone, good photography and good fun to fly, spares are difficult to get hold of (UK based).

So I'm looking to go FPV and start pushing drones a little harder/faster, have looked about and seems the most logical buy is the DemonRC Fury, this is a full competition FPV racing drone with associated larger price tag £429, plus transmitter, FPV googles, batteries, charger and plenty of spares props. (£1220).

Is there some sort of middle ground to get a similar set up for a lot less. Had spoken and the above drone has easy supply as hate being out of the air.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Thanks. I'm looking through the Walkera stuff, the Furious 215 looks nice. Had noticed that the spares are supplied by a company called CML distribution who also sell the Hubsan spares.

Also same could be said for the F210. This is sold as a RTF racer, any good for a relative newbie?

Do you or anyone know if there are problems with spares? Don't want to be grounded for the sake of props or any spare for that matter.


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Since owning a walkera brand parts been easily to get. I shop on eBay and amazon. Baggood is last resort.

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Thanks for your help, it has been of a real assistance. I'm fairly convinced the Walkera F210 is the way to go.

3 modes enabling me to step up in stages.

Tough little quad, watched numerous videos showing very little in the way of breakage even when deliberately trying.

Camera includes night vision (doubt I will use) but the FPV quality looks very good.

Advised part supply is pretty good for the brand.

Unsure if I'm missing any others point of few. Otherwise once I have tracked one down will be buying straight away. Found a couple of places in the UK that show stock, waiting for them to open and have my card in hand!!

Thanks again for all your help.