1. F

    New to hobby, battery question :(

    Hi guys, someone gave me a H501ss X4 AIR for xmas! and I've been having fun with it, although I've had a few minor accidents... My question is about the battery life, if anyone know this drone (I know it's very popular), I've had an issue where we were flying it and it hovered really low after...
  2. E

    First Drone Hubsan X4 H107C

    Review for anyone looking into this drone.....
  3. W

    Hubsan X4 H109S Flight Fun

  4. W

    Hubsan X4 Pro H109S Calibration

    I made a Hubsan X4 Pro calibration video. This is the low altitude version.
  5. S

    Need Help! What's Next

    Hi All, If anyone could offer me some advice. Have had a Mavic, superb photo/videography drone. Have a Hubsan 501sX4 which is a super drone, good photography and good fun to fly, spares are difficult to get hold of (UK based). So I'm looking to go FPV and start pushing drones a little...
  6. D

    Need Help! Hubsan 501s FPV - Follow Me and Headless Mode Help

    I just got a 501s and cannot get it to enter into Follw Me mode. GPS is on and I have 12 and 10 satellites respectively. RTH is off. When I press and hold right stick (Mode 2 transmitter), instead of going into Follow Me, transmitter displays "Put Throttle Low". Also, nothing happens when I...
  7. _sOnGoKu_

    Hubsan x4 H107D+ Wifi FPV Ready & HD Camera 720 -Unboxing+first flight+Review+3D

    Friends, there is an error in the title of the thread and I can not change it. The correct title is: Hubsan x4 H107D+ 5.8GHz FPV Ready & HD Camera 720 -Unboxing+first flight+Review+3D Helow friends, today im glad to present you the las dron arrive tome, The Hubsan fpv x4 H107D+ a mini or nano...
  8. C

    Hubsan Code Black Drone

    Hey everyone! So I just purchased 2 Hubsan Code Black HD drones for $79.99 for 2. I figured it was a great offer so why not jump on it while you can. I see that the drone has a 2mp 720p. In videos I have been watching I see it looks more like 480p. I was wondering if there is anyway I can set up...