New Luanch RTK on CeBIT 2017


DGPS RECEIVER Air–Standard is designed specially for the high-precision flight of the UVAs. It is compatible with TI and T1-A to make the UVAs achieve the cm-level precise position. We're going to launch it at 2017 Cebit!We're going to launch it at 2017 Cebit!

The internal board of DGPS RECEIVER Air–Standard adopts GPS+BDS dual-system-five-frequency high dynamic calculating engine which supports the super long baseline E-RTK measurement. The frequencies received by the board include BDS B1/B2/B3 and GPS L1/L2. It supports GPS/BDS single system independent position and GPS+BDS joint system position, adapted to more severe and longer-distance position environment.

Main Parameter

Tracking SignalGPS:L1C/A,L1P,L2P BDS:B1I,B2I,B3I

First position timeCold start:<50s Hot start:<45s

Recapture SignalL1/B1<1.5s(fast)<3s(ordinary)

Position Precision

Single-point precision: 1.5m

Fixed solution precision: Horizontal 0.01m Vertical 0.02m

Floating solution precision: 0.4m

RTK Performance

Initialization time<10s(baseline length <20km)

Initialization credibility>99.99%

Data Rate5Hz

Physical size and electrical characteristics


Power consumption2.8w



Environmental indicators

Operating temperature-40 ℃ ~+80 ℃

Storage temperature-55 ℃ ~+95 ℃

Cebit: March 20-24, 2017

Deutsche Messe AG

MessegelAnde 1, Hannover, 30521
Shanghai TopXGun Robotics Co., Ltd.
Booth:H006 G54


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