1. Tersus RTK Engineer

    GNSS RTK & PPK OEM Boards for UAVs

  2. Tersus RTK Engineer

    GNSS RTK Solutions for Dornes

  3. Tersus RTK Engineer

    Tersus GNSS at InterGEO 2017 Berlin

  4. Miquel Garcia

    For Sale Argonaut GNSS receiver

    ARGONAUT is a GPS receiver able to provide affordable accurate geo-location: real time accuracy of 2.5 m and off-line accuracy better than 0.5 m using ARGONAUT SaaS (http://saas.rokubun.cat/). This is possible because GPS raw measurements are stored for off-line GNSS processing (PPK, RTK...
  5. TopXGun

    RTK Applications on Multi-Rotor Drones

    a. Working on atrocious weather b.Double GPS on FC c.Aerial photography d. Agricultural protection
  6. Miquel Garcia

    Other Results on single frequency RTK navigation for drones

    Dear colleagues, I would simply like to share with the community some results we've got on our RTK processing for our GNSS receiver (Argonaut) maiden flight with a fixed wing drone. Long story short: sub decimetric accuracy in static mode and consistent decimetric accuracy in kinematic mode...
  7. TopXGun

    New Luanch RTK on CeBIT 2017

    DGPS RECEIVER Air–Standard is designed specially for the high-precision flight of the UVAs. It is compatible with TI and T1-A to make the UVAs achieve the cm-level precise position. We're going to launch it at 2017 Cebit!We're going to launch it at 2017 Cebit! The internal board of DGPS...