Need Help! Hubsan 501s FPV - Follow Me and Headless Mode Help


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I just got a 501s and cannot get it to enter into Follw Me mode. GPS is on and I have 12 and 10 satellites respectively. RTH is off.
When I press and hold right stick (Mode 2 transmitter), instead of going into Follow Me, transmitter displays "Put Throttle Low".

Also, nothing happens when I press and hold left stick to enter into Headless mode.

Drone is new and I have not done any firmware updates to copter or transmitter.

Other controls work fine and drones flies well. Any help/suggestions great appreciated.


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Hi I'm a 'newbie' but I did get the "Put Throttle Low" message when the Quad's batteries were low.
I did the firmware updating as soon as I received the drone - it is worth doing.
I have flown it in 'headless mode', by pressing down and releasing the left stick- the LCD then shows 'Headless mode' briefly.
The updated firmware also allows 'Circle Mode' ('long press on the video button'). Details can be found online.
Best wishes
PS Only crashed once so far - cost me one prop blade. Getting better now!!

Kai Kim

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If there is one, you should try updating the firmware, as sometimes features get unsupported with earlier firmwares.