ham radio license


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Well, I can't say for Alaska but to clarify for those UK guys, 25mW is the legal limit here and there is no way round it, ham license or not.


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in the USA we are good to at least 1 watt with a tech license, might be 2 watts....

,,,,, 25mw or less requires no certification.....



LOL I thought you were selling a HAM radio license. I was getting my paypal ready jk.


I just wonder, how they gonna know what power you are transmitting? They must have a special receiver with a "S" meter, and even then a good antenna will give the impression of a higher power. At 2.4ghz (line of sight) is it going to help for an extended distance? Is 27megs still available for radio control, if so one could go further. Just a quick calculation, 30 minutes air time, speed 50km/k, if you want it to come back use 20 minutes, so you can travel a total of 17km....8km there and back. Even 1w isnt going to help? If you went to 27megs you could go to 10w, maybe then you could get that distance.


one can transmit world wide on 1/4W. just depends on the band and style you are working.
a transceiver can fit into a cough-drop tin, the key outside of it. then the wire. and it runs off one 9 volt batt.