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  • i want to know few details about this " a battery rated with 200amps" 4x motors each max 20amps, 4x 30a esc, these materials are connected, and when a throttle at full what will happen? Say Me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Greetings Kloner..... I took a hiatus from Multirotors for about one year and just now getting back in to it. At last count I purchased a SuperX which I hope to put to use soon. But my question is....... What is the latest on the DJI A2? Last posting I found from you was that you were shelving yours due to.... too many concerns/issues. Is that still the case?
    Read some of your posts re TBS.. Somewhere you advised for a new flyer to go fly a Flamewheel 450 and crash it, get used to it then try the TBS 450 lineup. I've been flying a Hubsan 4x for a couple of months & ok at it. Saw a TBS Disco build yesterday in person, Craigs list seller, also a DJI Flamewheel 450 and 550. Really liked the Disco. Mind a little advise?
    Hey Kloner. I'm looking for people to test my company's new UAV. You would receive the prototype in late 2015 and make a video flying it around and giving us feedback. If you're interested, please submit your email on galileousa.com and share the link with anyone else you think would be interested. Thanks for your help!
    Hey Im a student looking to invest in a drone company. which company do you think makes the best drones?
    Hi I am to the plugging the Naza and DR8 II Plus together. I don't understand the directions and wiring sequince for the Throttle Alron and so on . I have looked on line for this instruction . The Frsky doesn't come with manual. And Help would be great. Paul
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    [h=5]Not sure how to post,
    Hello Everybody, I am looking for people in Los Angeles area to form a users group please let me know if you're interested.
    Hi kloner,
    I just noticed that you're using a 450 with a Naza. So I guess you're running a setup without the DJI motor's, esc, and props, right? I was wondering if you ever had any issues with the copter suddenly banking to one side, tip over, roll over or even flip? I had theses issues a couple of times and also heard from quite a number of others experiencing serious problems like this. But all of them are using the DJI drive. So I'm wondering if it's related to bad motors, esc or the wobbling props, or if it's a firmware issue. Would you mind telling me your experience with it, and maybe even the version of firmware that you're running on your Naza?
    Many thanks in advance,
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