DJI website problems?

Phil Seymour

New Member
Phantom 2 instruction videos are no longer there and site won't recognise my password even after changing it. Anyone else had similar or is it just me?

Phil Seymour

New Member
The price of CEO migrations

I did a quick check on the YouTube DJI site and all of the Phantom instructional videos are now marked "Private Video"

My guess is they are scrubbing all the videos that have Collin in them as he is no longer with DJI

That would explain everything. A pity the company couldn't put a plausible explanation on their web site for their customers. And reply to emails.

Thanks for your reply.



I'll never understand "BIG BUSINESS". Go into a local diner for a $10 breakfast, and get treated like Royalty, spend $500 on a toy, and get treated like dirt. Go figger ???? DJI is just counting the money while trying to avoid law suits. And yes, I own 2 Phantoms. One original, and one 1.1.1. And I like them both. Got to be the easiest quad copter to get into the air, and I believe most of the fly away's are pilot error of one kind or another. I wonder how many people "TOTAL" DJI has employed? What part of China are the Phantoms actually assembled? Profit margins would be interesting too, but I doubt we'd ever see them. Total sales to date would also be neat. Just sayin......................................