Need Help CAA Practical Flight Assessment


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I have my CAA Practical Flight Assessment coming up and I don't feel terribly prepared. For the people who've done the test, what did you do for your pre-flight research? What did you bring with you to the exam, and do I take the 50m rule into account when taking off/landing and flying near to buildings I'll be photographing?

Did you plan your take-off/emergency take-off location beforehand using google maps? I'll be on the edge of controlled airspace, I'm right in saying I won't need to inform anyone because my UAV is under 7kg.

Lastly, did many of you hover for 20 seconds as part of your take-off procedures?



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Hi. For pre flight check out google maps and research the area you will expecting in - are there any potential hazards such as footpaths, power lines basically anything that could have an impact on your flight. Take some warning signs with you in case there is the chance of someone walking/driving into your flight area. You won't be asked to photograph anything as it's about flying not imaging. Again on emergency landing you can get an idea from google maps but it's worth doing a walk around of the site when you get there - it will be expected.

Don't worry about controlled airspace other than know what class of airspace it is and you know the rules. Hover is usually expected to show you have control.

Hope this helps


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