Zenmuse Z15-5D MKii Firmware


I call myself a trailing edge builder. I'm running a Octo with A2, Zunmuse Z15-5D mkii camera setup. The on-line update (1.4 ) for the Z15-5D MKii is labeled the same as the GH3. The GH3 has the 1.8 IMU and 3.0 GCU revisions. The rev notes for the 5D indicates the IMU 1.8 and the GCU 2.4, but when installed it is actually the same as the GH3 (IMU 1.8 and 3.0 GCU). My 5D mkii gimbal is spastic with this firmware. Looking for a little help, need the correct firmware for the Z15-5D Mkii. .......... Thanks