What are your anticipated couple of multi-rotor payloads?


Hi, I'm Markus from MMCUAV, today let's discuss about your anticipated commercial drone payload application.

The standard payload connector LINKER emerged under our core concept "Industrial Chain". For different purposes, it carries different payloads, for example, oblique camera to make orthomosaic map, HD&thermal camera to do SAR or industrial inspection, searching light to do SAR mission, megaphone to assist maintaining order, etc.


Now according to different demands from our customers, we developed 2-port payload connector hub LINKER II. You can choose any 2 payloads for your own mission. Control Station can get the live video from both payload cameras.
Example 1. Thyea Z40 Camera + Meteo O2
In a SAR mission, you can use 40x zoom camera Z40 to find the target crowd of people, then drop the relief supplies at the location.


Example 2. Thyea ZT40 Camera + Megaphone
ZT40 Camera is a dual sensor camera, its color imager and thermal imager could work efficiently in inspection mission, then megaphone can be used to deliver voice message from high up in the air.

What are your anticipated couple of payload? Your ideas and opinions would be helpful to our future research & development. Thank you.
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