What a thermal imaging camera can do


Thyea T2 is a high-precision three-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal that is installed with MMCUAV payload standard connector and equipped with intelligent high-accuracy thermal imaging camera.

It has the following characteristics:

1-High-precision 3-axis Gyro-stabilized Gimbal
2- High-resolution Thermal Imaging Camera
3- 50Hz Military-Grade Refresh Rate
4- Temperature Accuracy up to 0.06℃
5- Wide Temperature Measurement Range
6- Finger Touch Interactive and Control by Hand Gesture
7- Spot and Area Temperature Measurement
8- Maximum Temperature Tracking & Alarm
9- Temperature Calibration
10- Images with GPS Coordinates
11- 4x Digital Zoom
12- Real-time Image Transmission
13- 12 Color Palettes
14- Auto Inspection

It seems that this camera is very powerful, then I can think of using this camera to help the fire brigade to extinguish the fire, the rescue team to save people. As for whether there are other functions, can anyone tell me?