Waiver Questions

Ray Ellis

Im slowly getting back into commercial operations after some time away. I have my airmans cert for part 107 but I want to be able to pick up some work in Class D and C airspace. Im trying to figure out if you can waiver airspace restrictions to pick up work in other airspace class besides G without knowing in advance what you will be shooting. It may be inspection, it may be film, it may be real estate.
But if you live near a large city how can you pick up work without filing a waiver for every job and having your client wait for approval.
Is it possible ?


I don't believe you can get a blanket waiver for a general area. You can apply for one that covers a specific site over multiple days but if I'm understanding you correctly you just want to be able to fly anywhere at anytime in case a job comes up?

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Ray Ellis

Yes, I would like to. I am reading that to get the ok on a waiver may take 5 months so I don't see how anyone can make money under the current law


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This waiver wait time is ridiculous! The UAS community has to file a waiver and wait and wait and wait, while a manned aircraft can file a flight plan from the tarmac and receive clearance, so where is the streamlining in that scenario?