UAV-assisted power transmission line inspection


As winter temperatures gradually decrease, power supply security becomes even more important. On November 25th, the transmission and inspection personnel of the State Grid Changji Power Supply Company used drones in the Fangcao Lake area to complete a total of 127 base pole towers for the 220 kV Zhaoyang Substation 110 kV Yanghai First Line and the 110 kV Yanghai Second Line. Winter power inspection.

It is understood that with the continuous expansion of the power grid of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, the number of new 110-kilovolt and 220-kilovolt transmission lines has been increasing, and the length of the lines has increased from a few hundred kilometers to more than 6,700 kilometers now. With the increase of hidden damage caused by external forces and the increasing difficulty of management, transmission and operation management is facing difficulties such as insufficient line inspection capabilities and backward inspection management methods. It is difficult to meet the needs of power grid development in actual work based on the traditional model of manual inspection.

In recent years, with the company's continuous deepening of the comprehensive application of intelligent technology in the field of transmission line operation and maintenance, Changji's transmission line inspection work has shifted from the original manual inspection to manual plus drone inspection operations, which is more standardized, High-quality inspection methods have significantly improved the lean operation and maintenance level and working efficiency of transmission lines.

"In the past, operation and maintenance personnel had to wear seatbelts to carry out inspections, and they had to go through the entire process when patrolling the line passages, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Drone patrols have overcome many inconveniences caused by the complicated terrain. Transmission line operation and maintenance provided accurate first-hand information. "Said Yang Haodong, head of the first operation and maintenance team of Changji Power Supply Company.

Yang Haodong introduced that Changji Power Supply Company used drones to inspect the transmission lines. As of this month, it has completed a total of 2570 base transmission line pole tower inspections in the Changji Power Supply Area. It will complete a total of 3456 base pole tower inspection tasks throughout the year to ensure the safe and stable operation of transmission lines. .