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I'm setting up a new Quad with the Naza Lite. The instructions mention the toilet bowl effect and how to correct for it. Do many of you have to make that adjustment. I'm just trying to figure out how to mount the carbon fiber rod to the base and top so that you could turn it to adjust for the Toilet Bowl effect. I realize you can just take the GPS off the top and remount with new double stick but that really won't let you fine tune a little at a time unless you want to use a lot of double stick tape.

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I drill a hole in the bottom mount and put a grub screw in. You can remove the GPS for travel and adjust at the field as needed.


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Until you have done it twenty times and it starts to get ratty where it screws into the plastic rod.


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If you want to use the original DJI mount, that's the only useful method:

Any kind of screw going into the original DJI aluminium is a wast of time....wears out quickly due to the poor aluminium quality.

Another (a bit more expensive) method is this:

As for the toilet bowl, watch this videos:

This counts for the Naza and the WooKong as well.
Both FC's are supposed to manage Magnetic Declination internally, but many times it just fails.....with the above methods it worked always for me. Here in Cape Town I need about -24° West, so my GPS points 24° degrees to the LEFT.....don't forget to calibrate GPS after setting to

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I actually noticed this yesterday before I read this thread and I had never noticed it before. Wasn't sure what it was, but when I say your video it was exactly the same. I found on the site you listed that my location is positive 13 degrees, so adjusted the Naza puck to the right about half the distance you did in the video. I just gave it a test flight and it seems to be holding a lot better. There was some wind so it did not seem to stay completely still in the same location, but the toilet bowl effect seems to be gone. Just a little strange having the puck not pointing straight forward, but I will test it again tomorrow, hopefully there wont be any wind and see how it is.