[Thyea Z40] 40x zoom, 4K lens, object tracking, double layer stabilizier


40x zoom lens, plus high precision gimbal stabilizer with special double shock-absorber mechanic system, this kit attached under our drone can easily spot a target about 1km away, and capture the clear detailed picture of someone, with the object tracking function, the camera will have him focused on always in the center of the video by the help of the 3 axis gimbal. It's literally one of the most versatile and powerful drone cameras, for professional filming, industrial & property inspection, public security and law enforcement.

Size: 190.97×166.83×130mm
Weight: 850g
Video Format: H264 MP4, 4K
Photo Format: JPEG
Lens: 20x optical zoom (20x Optical and 2x digital), F1.8~F3.6
External Storage: SD(512M-2GB); SDHC(4GB-32GB); SDXC(48GB-128GB)
Gimbal control range: Pitch:-100°~45°; Yaw:-170°~170°
Tolerance while hold: ±0.01°
Tolerance while cruising: ±0.05°

1. 40x zoom
Easily spot a target 1km away.

2. Object tracking
Target will always stay in the center of the video, can't never get out of there

3. 3 Axis stabilizing gimbal
It prevents the detail loss of the photo by stabilizing the camera. Capturing a full detailed face of suspect is an easy job

4. Fast attachment
Standard connecter makes it easy to be attached within 30 seconds.