News Thermal imaging drone protection water source

Kirk KK

This morning, I saw a news report. In a reservoir in a city in China, law enforcement officers used drones equipped with thermal infrared cameras to detect nighttime illegal acts and take photos for evidence.

A water reservoir is undoubtedly a key place for a city and an important source of water for urban drinking. Therefore, how to effectively protect the water source, for law enforcement agencies, often need to face the challenges of various illegal activities.

How to protect water sources, traditional methods generally rely on manual inspections, can only be opened along the shore, with the naked eye. However, with the development of drone technology, the application of thermal infrared equipment in the inspection of drones has improved the efficiency of inspection and expanded inspection scope.

Not only that, but the drone thermal imaging equipment can also judge whether there is sewage discharge according to the difference in sleep temperature, and combat the illegal discharge of sewage.

For the application of drones, not only in the field of inspection, but also in the field of drones, the drones have been developed in many fields such as surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, urban management, and sport management.

In the various application fields of the drone, the drone is used as a working platform to carry out different tasks by carrying different tasks, so a good task load night vision is very important.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial drones, MMCUAV has released mission loads for a variety of scenarios since last year. The Thyea T2 is a thermal infrared pan-tilt camera for fire rescue, inspection, and other fields.

The characteristics of Thyea T2 are: with 50Hz refresh rate, resolution up to 640*512, reaching the advanced level in the industry, and also supporting 4x digital zoom, which not only meets the requirements of fine analysis but also has a long imaging distance and can maintain large security. Distance, increase; temperature measurement accuracy up to 0.06 ° C, temperature range -20 ° C -150 ° C, for most of the inspection, detection, search tasks can be satisfied; at the same time can also carry out regional temperature measurement, pointing temperature measurement, Pointing movement, high temperature alarm, automatic inspection and many other functions.