Testing blackmagic pocket with brushless 3-axis gimbal


I'm definitely enjoying the very idea of ​​using bmpcc for aerial footage, due to its low weight, image quality and cinematic effect it produces compared to cameras like Canon 5D.
I'm still learning to use it and work on color grading in post.
Any critical opinion are welcome.
Sorry for my bad english

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that is absolutely some of the best footage i have ever seen ,Very rich and powerful
FYI I have owned a video production company for 24 years and do mostly broadcast TV spots

BMPCC is really worth for it's price and weight. We've used it in many TV adds and films.
We use to shoot in RAW 2K and with it's 13 stops makes the job fine working besides REDs. I know is not the same camera but clients get surprised with it's quality.
You can check some here (mixed with GH4 and some PH3):
Hope you like it!



Wow, the two videos in this thread are some of the best aerial footage I have ever seen. I have a Tarot 810 coming in the mail that I will eventually fit with a mirrorless. Your videos are inspirational.

In RAW you need color correction allways. It's almost black and white. The good part is that you can choose where to push to very freely.
Due to this editing, in RAW takes much more time and of course is more difficult. If you don't want to make the full job you can record in ProResHQ and is almost ready to go as any other consumer camera.