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For Sale Tarot 680Pro Extended Hexacopter PLUS lots of Options!

Discussion in 'Drones For Sale - RTF or ARF' started by Jay_Z, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Jay_Z

    Jay_Z Member

    May 22, 2015
    United States
    Posted by Jay_Z, Feb 6, 2017 #1
    Tarot 680 Pro Extended Frame! Ready to Fly! Awesome aerial platform.
    Personally, I used this with a Sony A6000 (with gimbal option below) and it has been a spectacular photography system. Now, I'm looking to downsize my fleet! See the other options below.

    Here are the details…
    Tarot 680 Pro Extended - 800mm frame
    T-Motor MN3510/630kv Motors
    T-Motor 40A Electronic Speed Controllers
    Tarot High Efficiency Carbon Fiber Propellers 15"x5.5 (Full set plus a spare CW/CCW)
    DJI Mini iOSD for FPV
    DJI Naza-M V2 Flight Control System
    Immersion 600mW 5.8GHz Transmitter
    Retractable Landing Gear
    IBCrazy Blue Beam Ultra 5.8GHz Antenna
    Multistar 16000mAh 4S Battery (x3)
    Multistar 10000mAh 4S Battery (x2)

    As listed above: 1200.00 + 20 shipping (split shipping costs!).

    This is NOT a traditional/stock 680Pro that you will see online, this is going to have substantially increased flight time, payload capacity and stability with the best motors/esc/prop combination you can put on this frame! It's awesome!

    Options that can be added (contact me for details), when purchased at the same time as the Tarot 680Pro frame above. Just to note, these options are not included with the above sale/listing, these are separate options that we can add above and beyond to fully complement this photo rig. Buy it all and it's installed and ready to go - there is nothing more you would need (except for a computer to process photos/video!). Please feel free to contact me with any questions or photos of the components listed below.

    HDMI to AV Converter Cable for Sony A5000 A6000 cameras
    HDMI to AV Converter Cable for NEX-5
    Flytron IR Shutter Release for Sony A6000 series

    Grouse House Technologies GHT NEXt Gimbal V3 with Lightweight 2 axis mount
    59/10 Grommet & Damper Interface
    Simple BGC 32-bit gimbal controller
    (Gimbal used on one flight - it's new! Works with Sony NEX & A6X00 Series, Panasonic GH4 and other mirrorless cameras)

    Futaba 10JH 10 Channel Radio
    Two Futaba R3008SB Receivers (x2)

    Flysight Black Pearl 7" Monitor with built in receiver PLUS spare battery & AC Adapter
    IBCrazy 5.8GHz Helical Antenna (x2)

    iCharger 206B - Awesome battery charger!
    Junsi 350w Power Supply

    IMG_1618.JPG IMG_1614.JPG IMG_1615.JPG FullSizeRender-1.jpg FullSizeRender-2.jpg
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