Slam Scu--Robot Self-Localization Navigation System

sophia lee

Let the Robot Unify Knowing and Doing
BW-SLAM system is a robot self-localization navigation system developed by Benewake. The SLAM algorithm fuses multiple sensors such as LiDAR, visual unit, inertial measurement unit, and odometer. The system featureslocation, mapping, navigation and 3D obstacle avoidance, which can help different kinds of robots to acquire 3D environment information, and can realize self-configuration and self-navigation under complicated circumstances.
  • Automatic Mapping
The product can explore the indoor surroundings automatically and build indoor map without human intervention.
  • Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance
The product fuses multiple sensors, including LiDAR and depth camera,
to realize 3D environment obstacle avoidance and to update maps in real time.

  • Manual Mapping
With regard to open space,
it explores theworking area and builds maps
by manual control.


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