Resetting Inspire 1 RC


I have heard where some people have performed a reset on their inspire's RC.... I have searched the users manual for this procedure with no success. I would like to try to reset my slave RC as it does not search out the master RC if anyone has any insight on this please help.


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* Turn on the controller, and the aircraft should be off.
* Press C1, C2, and shutter on the controller then turn the controller off while holding the buttons.
* Turn on the RC and it will be reset.

You don't need the Go app connected when you're performing these steps. It does not have an audio queue for you to go by. After you perform the button combination above, I would recommend manually relinking the RC to the aircraft using this button combination:

* Turn on both the aircraft and the controller.
* Press C1, C2, and the record button on the controller, then the controller will beep like D-DD.
*Let go all fingers, press the wheel on the right side of the controller and then the first light of the controller will become blue and it will constantly beep DDDD.
* Use a pen to click the linking button on the aircraft and hold for 3-5 seconds, and then take the pen off the aircraft and wait, it will be linked soon.