Phantom 2 CSC commands. Is this normal?


I've flown an F550 a few times with a NAZA-2 controller and recently had a brief go on a Phantom-2. I had everything ready to go and planned to start up and then turn off. CSC to turn on CSC to turn off. So that meant, simultaneously, left stick to bottom left, right stick to bottom right. All fine - Phantom spins up. I then went to turn it off with the same gesture. When I did it flew across the floor towards me, smashing into my foot. The only way to do it was to do left stick (my throttle is on the left) fully down first, then move right to bottom right and left over to the left.

Is this normal for Phantom? Manual and experience of F550 says this isn't right. it was a bit of a shock and nearly got injured.

Benjamin Kenobi

Easy? You call that easy?
You don't need to do a CSC to turn off. Just throttle to zero (left stick down), takes 3 seconds for the propellers to stop. I'm not surprised it shot across the floor as you told it to go back right full. :tennis:


Hey, Flydigital.

You probably did what I did. You watched all the videos on how to get going and fly, but never learned how to stop.

I messed up a set of props doing what you did. I bought a new set of props to replace my spares and bought a prop guard. The prop guard came in handy once when I landed on uneven ground. It tipped over and might have messed up my props. I recommend them until you get the hang of it.