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Hi there,
I would like to know your sincere opinion on this information.
I have been building and flying my drones for 5 years now, not a really long time, but enough, in a way , to get emotionally attached and feel proud of my chops, somehow, a sense of exclusivity, offering the best tuned chop etc. I started with a MK clone quad with turnigy red motors with a gopro stuck with tape to genuine MK Dodecacopter and now Skyjib X4 with A2 flying a Sony A7sii etc.

Last week I had an interview with a big production gear rental company and he dropped this little dagger in to my heart when I told him that soon we would have a Red Lifting chopper:
There is not that much demand for that service any more, as the gap between the small cameras offering 4k and the big production cameras is getting smaller. I offer several drone companies to my clients and many of these would happily work with an inspire x5, maybe not the very high end clients but most of them, 90%.
They prefer to pay cheaper price for an inspire X5 than to pay a higher price for a Sony A7sii.

So my question is, is it worth keeping a 13kg 1mtr diameter chopper,20kg of massive batteries,a case for controllers and screen, a case for the gimbal , aka, a pain in he neck to move around with when only 10% of the clients are willing to pay the extra for a different camera with different lens choice etc?

I'm a step away, and believe me, I feel like stepping in to the dark side, of selling the bundle and getting an Inspire x5R , witch should take care of the 10% of higher end clients.
If I need high resolution photography, I will build a hexa and hang in an Av200 with Radians.

Any of you been here?