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How do I change how high the RTH function is? It's only 20m and that barely clears most trees. That's concerning. Also, can I set the drone to come home when it has enough battery left?

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On the Naza V2/Lite IIRC you couldn't change RTH height in assistant, however you can set home point 'in the air' to increase RTH height.

Say your flying near tree's which are say 30M high, if you hover 15M over safe landing point and set home position (toggle IOC switch 6 times I think?) and watch for flashing LED, then if you RTH it will go 20M above that height (ie 35M altitude), fly back to home point then gently descend until it touches the ground before switching off - I tested this with Phantom v1.1.1 ages ago as I was flying over a cliff from the beach and it works fine.

Low battery I think is land only with the Naza V2/Lite, you can set the warning voltage but it only flashes the LED which isn't brilliantly visible, best is to set a timer to half your flight time and use that as a signal to come back and be ready to land so you don't push your luck.


NAZA will however maintain current altitude at the time the RTH is triggered. IE, you're flying at 100' and trigger RTH, it will remain at 100' and fly to the home point and descend and land.

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Yes I can confirm what Gator says. I had a RTH incident . I was at about 200 ft , it returned to home at that altitude, descended to 60 ft ( 20 m), delayed for about 15 seconds then continued the decent to the original take off point. It was awesome to watch.