Need Help! Motors stop when pitched


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Before I do something dumb I need some clarity from someone who didn’t just charge his very first LiPo. (Me)

So I have a brand new DJI FPV quad. Iflight DC5, DJI radio and goggles. Oh boy can’t wait to fly it. But being a sane person I figure I had better check a few things on the bench first.

Everything is bound and up to date etc.
I power up everything (props off) give the throttle a tiny bump up, take it back down. Sounds cool! Do it they race to what I would imagine is full throttle. Though i’ve barely touched it.

Now I have read that these motors will ramp up when the props are not on as it is trying to act as if it’s flying etc. Should they not respond to throttling down? Mine don’t.

As a further experiment I tried it again; this time I held it in my hand to trick the little flying blender into thinking it’s in the air. Slight movements force the motors to individually adjust speed. Cool. When I pitch it in any direction though, the motors stop. Dead stop.

So, should I be able to throttle down when the motors do the ramp up thing and why would the motors stop when I pitch it to any meaningful degree?

Whew! Long winded. Sorry.

Jason S

I dont know what dji drone you flying but in the firmware there are condition which it defines as “emergencies” and if an “emergency” occurs the programming is designed to cut the motors. Some known “emergencies” are if there is a motor obstruction and the motor is unable to rotate freely the FC will cut the motors or in this case if the drone is titled past a certain angle and is unable to quickly right itself it will kill the motors.