MMC UAV is to exhibit in Shenzhen CPSE 2019


The 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (CPSE)will be held from October 28th-31 th,2019 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China. At that time, it will present the most advanced artificial intelligence, big data, and intelligent security products to the world.

The largest scale in the exhibition

This CPSE will be held at all exhibition halls of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, The scale of this exhibition is the largest in history, with an exhibition covers an area of 30,000㎡, and hundreds of industry brand companies and more than 2,000 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. As a high-end brand event in China's security industry and one of the important international security expo with global influence, the Shenzhen security expo will focus on showing smart city solutions, security prevention solutions, police equipment, emergency rescue, Bio-recognition, artificial intelligence machines, and other industries. This exhibition has attracted great attention among manufacturers, engineers, and distributors in many industries across the country.

UAVs play an important role in security

In the construction of smart security, UAVs play an important role. In the security scenes of military reconnaissance, emergency flood control, drought prevention, border surveillance, police monitoring, forest fire monitoring, and environmental monitoring, the drone acts as a "security weapon" for the reconnaissance unit. It can perform various tasks such as air surveillance, daily patrol, and rapid air attack. It can cooperate with the background command and control system, with the ability of situation sharing integration, collaborative planning and scheduling, remote command, and diversified intelligence processing.

As one of the exhibitors of this Shenzhen security expo, MMC has established a ground-to-air integrated security system with its intelligent and advanced complete set of UAV products and big data dispatching backstage, which has played a huge advantage in the security field. MMC will exhibit the latest automatic drone inspection system security solution at this expo, including the full range of core intelligent application products such as “Sky eye” dispatching platform, high-performance drones, high-definition zoom tracking gimbal, and automatic police equipment. Today, MMC drones have evolved from a single “moving eye” to a versatile “smart cloud brain”.

The world's first industrial UAV industry chain

As the leading industrial UAS manufacturer, MMC is the first UAV company in the world to get through the whole industrial UAV industry chain and achieves win-win cooperation with upstream and downstream industries with a positive and open mind. MMC has achieved independent research and development, design and production of core components including full carbon fiber integrated molding case, power system, flight control, image transmission, ground station, etc. All of the gimbal adopt standardized fast-release interface, which has strong compatibility.

In addition to opening up the industrial drone industrial chain, MMC has strong product customization capabilities in the UAV industry's application solutions. It not only mastering the systematic management of cost and quality, but also continuously develops towards the direction of intelligent solutions. In the global drone industry chain, MMC has been at the forefront.

"Technology security in the Sky". At this security expo, MMC will build a technology security and smart city through the big data integrated management platform based on the automated inspection system and diverse equipment.

Shenzhen CPSE 2019 is about to begin, MMC sincerely invites you to visit. We are here waiting for you.

Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China

Booth number: Hall 8-845.