Litchi - anyone flying this APP with their I1 or P3?


Aerial Fun
I've run it on my Inspire on a Note4 phone and Asus tablet. Not alot of time on it yet but so far it seems to work as promised. Bit of a learning curve that I'm still working on.

Only issue I've run into, is two times I have been out in the boonies to try the way point flying, the app had updated prior to leaving and when I got out it wouldn't launch as it wanted to verify with a network log in after the update. Lost a day of playing with it on one as no cell service to get my phone or tablet verified. Since my tablet doesn't have cell service, I go cache the maps before hand, but I guess the app updated that night before flying. Small thing, but still irritating when you don't know about it.....

It's a no brainer to try as very inexpensive. They have an active google group so help seems to be pretty good.