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Is GPS really necessary for a beginner & your suggestions

Discussion in 'Beginners Drone Forum' started by scobahcan, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. scobahcan

    scobahcan New Member

    Jun 11, 2020
    Victoria BC Canada
    Posted by scobahcan, Jun 11, 2020 #1
    I should start out by saying I am a complete beginner and I haven’t decided what kind of drone I am interested in getting . I will also say I am on medication which makes me rather slow and I am missing a couple of fingers but it has been surprising how well I have adapted to do most things . I also don’t drive and so getting to most areas is difficult ,and there are not many areas around me where I could use it.

    I would like to find out if having GPS on a drone is really necessary for a beginner (as hopefully that will help me now or a down my search and decision.

    I am looking for a drone that is very easy to use and stable with as less controls on the controller as possible as I am a on medication which makes me a little slow at times.

    I bought a mini drone a while ago but it was no good and it was so light that it just blew it away , it was probably only 30 or 40 g so I want something that is preferably over 100 g. but less than 250 g in weight

    I have been looking at various ones which I will list and you can tell me if you think they are worthwhile , which one may be best and if you have any other suggestions.

    The ones I have been looking at are EACHINE E511s , E520s or the E 58 and possibly the DJI Tello.

    I would like to get a good one of firstly as I am a beginner and cannot afford a good one I also want to find out if I do like flying one that actually does what it’s supposed to and is steady.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback that you give
  2. X5uw_newb

    X5uw_newb Member

    May 21, 2020
    Posted by X5uw_newb, Jun 17, 2020 #2
    Scobahcan, As you learned with the small drones wind is an issue and can require constant tweaking to get them to stabilize or track. GPS drones will definitely be more stable as far as positioning goes, but youll still need to be able to control it when flying etc. Ive heard good things about the DJI tello but its not going to be GPS. Smaller drones that have smart functions such as a barometer allow it to stay at a steady altitude and hover nicely without wind, but features like return to home dont work as well. If you get a drone with app based controllers they may allow you to control them easier due to your disadvantage bc it uses the phone g sensor to control it instead of the joystick. You basically tilt the phone front back left and right to maneuver it. You could easily get into something for less than $50 that would let you get a feel for controlling one before you spend more money. I personally have used the Syma X5UW and Simrex X300c and both have been alot of fun, both have smart height control and allow app based controls to fly, so you dont need your fingers as much.

    Hope that helps and good luck.


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