Inspire battery capacity rapidly drops in flight

Did anyone recently experience a battery drop in flight from 55% to 5% (Ballpark)?

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I use this. It's 50W 12 v bulbs. Wired up to be 150w @ 24 volts. The middle black/red middle wires are connected I use the EC5 connector soldered on to a DJI cable that goes from battery to the remote.

I have 4 batteries and a honda generator so I never take 6,8, or 10 batteries. 4 works pretty good, maybe 5 next year. I also don't have the dji dumb ass discharge them if I don't have to. Don't want to burn down the house. I just don't trust them. I have 1 1/2 acres so can always find a few minutes to fly them for 7-8 minutes to get them down to 3.8v. They get there faster than one would think.

I mainly use my bulb setup to discharge the last 10-15% when I recycle but did use them once to discharge a couple using a volt meter to monitor them. If I was going to do this a lot I'd build a full enclosure with a fan. Could just put a buck converter on the input and run 5 or 12 volts to a fan that would start up when you plug in a batter.

If you want to discharge slower, just do 2x2 bults for 100 watts draw at 24 v. View attachment 26863


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