InfinityMR PRO is there!


Hi All!

We did a quick test for you to see.
Raw file available - just pres "Downoload" button on the Vimeo.

This flight was made after InfinityMR PRO quick balancing with A6000 and autotuning that takes 2-3min. No advanced tuning, filters. Just simple autotunig.
We used InfinityMR PRO without orbit damping plate. It is hard-mounted with quick release connector to the drone battery plate. We used internal damping system of X8 PRO multirotor.
InfinityMR PRO is direcly powered from 6S drone battery through out slipring. Pitch axis RC is connected to main Futaba drone RX through out slipring (Futaba RX is set to Sbus D mode to controll A3 and gimbal).
In this test we use mini PX4 fixfalcon FC to correct horison drift (InfinityMR PRO allows to connection with PX4 FC by Mavlink protocol).

Video with GH5 is uploading! :)



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Received a new InfinityMR pro the other day and here is the first test run on out of the box settings, not very well balanced and slightly dodgy mounting on another quickrelease damping mount which probably worsens things. But pretty impressive first run I think. I've no control of the the gimbal so I'm not adjusting horizon at all (the land here is on a large slope so in bits it may seem to drift but it's not)


Wildtypitch That looks very good. And it's good to know how well deafult settings of MR PRO works with different cameras. Balancing is always a bit tricky. The better balancing the better result, but if this is just a slight unbalance I wouldn't worry about that, that much. In general it is ok if the camera is balanced with the lens cover and folls down without it (obviously if the lens cover is less than 10-15g;)).