Got a DJI Phantom 3 Pro Finally, its time for -VIDs-

had some free time in SF around the golden gate bridge. The wind was up around 20-25mph with gust of 40mph, i had some shaky moments, but i was amazed at how well the video turned out, as there was no wind at all lol

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my daughter wanted me to chase her around the yard with the drone, we had fun times


a friend of my stopped by, so i told him to drive down the street ill try to follow him, it was a bit harder than i thought, trying not to hit the trees and keeping the car in the shot. My Ipad Mini 2 was tweaking out and video was stuttering, it was getting pretty hot, plus it was about 105 degrees out. I think i should upgrade to an ipad air 2 so it can handle the video view much easier and not stress itself out to much, anyways, enjoy the car following video


Had some fun in SF beach by the Cliff House, was trying to get a few surfers but the waves werent all that great, still was a fun time :)



Welcome to!!
looks like you're having a lot of fun with it! ever do any video production before getting started with multi-rotor helicopters?

Was at a wedding and asked the owner of the property and wedding planner to do a little aerial of the wedding, sent them them the link to the video everyone loved it. Recorded the music with my phone while the band was practicing during the set up.