Need Help Future of Photogrammetry and DJI

I am using the DJI A2 for photogrammetry with a pc laptop. Google will no longer support the API (Google Earth Plugin)for DJI PC Ground Station on Dec. 12th.

1. Will DJI replace the PC Ground Station with something else?

2. Are there software alternatives that can work with the A2?

3. Does the ipad version do photogrammetry?

I am guessing that the answer is NO to the 3 questions above. If anyone would care to comment on these I'd like to know what others are thinking / doing.

My last question is, what alternatives are others using.

Thanks for your input,


Thanks for these options Dazzab. I have spent the day reading and looking at tutorials. UgCS looks promising.
I am happy to know there are options!
Have a good day.


Thanks Alex D, Yes I've been all through the UgCS manuals by now. What is missing for me is a photogrammetry tool like the DJI Ground Station uses (until December 12). I always thought the DJI Ground Station was poorly implemented mostly in it's user interface but now that it is going away, it is looking like a gem in contrast to some other options out there.
Is anyone using any software that calculates a route based on lens size, picture overlap etc?


Thanks for letting us know of the update.
I did some field tests yesterday with a 3DR Y6 APM to familiarize myself with the UgCS software before moving to full scale $$$S900.
Happy to report all missions went as planned, no anomalies and I am now comfortable with the interface.
I will try the 2.7 update this weekend.