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For Sale Feeler - two Freefly Cinestars - one in X8, one in Y8

Discussion in 'Drones For Sale - RTF or ARF' started by ChrisRL, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. ChrisRL

    ChrisRL Member

    Dec 11, 2016
    Sherman Oaks, CA
    Posted by ChrisRL, Jan 3, 2019 #1
    Greetings and Happy 2019!

    Chris here from SoCal putting out reluctant feelers for two of my heavy lifters, plus a Helipal Storm 6.

    The focus of my business has shifted away from primarily drone operations, so my two beautiful heavy lifters are sitting idle.... (sigh).

    They were both bought through here maybe two years ago and, sad to say, never flown since that time.
    I've set them up, but haven't had the trade to justify more than P4P or I1 gigs.

    They're both flyable, beautiful, complete with props - have receivers and a great set of radio gear, also regular landing gear and also a Movi 5...

    The Y-8 came from the EU when they shut down permits over there, and the X-8 was the primary lifter for DroneGuys here in Hollywood for a number of years.

    Both never crashed.

    I bought a series of mantis-arm attachments for the X-8, tubes and brackets, that allows two or four arms to be lifted away from potential camera view when flying fast and tilted over. I have brackets and arms for this drone to be configured in regular 8, or X8, all arms up, two front arms up, etc. The motors are big - U7 490rpm/V. I have props for them too.

    The Y8 runs smaller Kopterworx motors, also with props etc.

    DJI Wookongs, heavy ESCs, etc. I had them set up with a FrSky Tyranis X9E setup.

    Also I have an older v1 Helipal Storm 6 set up for a GoPro H4 (which I lent to a pal who hasn't returned it yet), but this one I did fly to test. Comes with Naza/Radiolink AT9.

    L1460117 EQUIP STILLS web.jpg
    Thoughts and comments please.

    Photos will be posted if there's any interest. Also startup videos, etc., to prove what I'm saying above is true. I started everything, just need to connect up receivers and radio, and go.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019

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