Esc failing maybe? Drone drops out of sky on punch-out (help!)


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Thanks for reading! I'm at a bit of a loss with this one. So I built a 6 S quad and whenever I go above about 20% throttle the motors shut off and quad is unresponsive to the transmitter. I thought it was the flight controller at first because the blackbox would end when it shut down. But I replaced the flight controller and got the same results. I also had similar results with a different ESC, it would start to glitch during flight and punch out and then would eventually drop and shut down in the same way. So now that I have replaced both the flight controller and the ESC I'm starting to think maybe I'm using a battery that is too small..need some expert advice! thanks again, here's my parts list:

Motors: MAMBA 2308 1950KV 4-6S
ESC: MAMBA 506 50A 2-6S Dshot1200 4 IN 1 Blheli_32
FlightController: RDQ Bardwell F4 3-6S
Battery: 1000mah 100c 6s and a 1500mah 100c 4s (same results with both)

Heres a video of it shutting down and the blackbox. Sorry the audio is off set

Drone troubleshoot help appreciated!! (0 min 36 sec)