Dual Camera Gimbal

I am building a SAR (Search and rescue) dron for a client. The drone it's going to work with GoPro and FLIR VUE camera.
Firstly we installed two separated gimbals for it but it's not very efficient in many ways like weight, programation, poiting not allways to the same exact place, etc.

I've seen the perfect option but the price is too much...2000€.

Do you know any gimbal with this options? Any other gimbal with about 12cm widght for the camera would be also fine.

Thanks very much in advance.



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Hi , I really do not see where is the problem .
More that gimal in photo really do not worth that price, I do not like his design with a bearing (I hope) at the opposite side of the pitch motor.
Have you seen that apparently there is no antivibration system but just 4 rubber silent blocks ?