Drone forensics helps smart inspection


In recent years, the Hekou District Procuratorate of Dongying City has actively responded to the new requirements of the new era, created a "smart inspection service", established a "drone + prosecutor + marshal" working model, and created a new situation of ecological environmental protection public interest litigation.

In the process of advancing the public interest litigation of ecological environmental protection, the hospital has explored and formed a "prosecutor + drone + bailiff" working model and established a drone inspection and evidence collection team. The inspection and evidence collection team consisted of 4 people: 1 prosecutor, 1 prosecutor assistant, 1 bailiff, and 1 technician who obtained the CAAC drone driving license. Prosecutors are responsible for clues investigation and determination of the location of the incident; assistant prosecutors are responsible for assisting the prosecutor in issuing relevant documents; bailiffs are responsible for maintaining order at the scene and contacting local public security agencies; technical staff are responsible for determining the coordinates of the incident locations and reporting airspace applications, Use drones for forensics, etc.

Using drone applications to carry out rapid and low-environmental evidence collection, which effectively reduces the risk that prosecutors will not be able to enter evidence collection points under traditional working modes, and may even encounter unexpected incidents such as violence hindering evidence collection. Combined with the diversified new data collection and processing technology of drones, the efficiency of on-site forensics has been greatly improved, the quality of evidence has been significantly improved, and air-ground integration and diverse forensics have been achieved.

Any innovative work needs a perfect mechanism as support and guarantee. The institute has researched and formulated the "Procedure for Procuratorial Drone Procurement Work", "Cooperation Mechanism for Technology and Public Interest Litigation", "Drone Management System and Usage Specifications" and other systems. , To further regulate case handling behavior.

At present, on the basis of the increasingly mature "drone + prosecutor + marshal" working model, the hospital further explores the deployment of smart prosecution, constructs a remote command system for public interest litigation investigation and evidence collection, and forms a smart investigation and evidence collection platform for public interest litigation to leverage The difficulty in the practice of public interest litigation investigation and evidence collection has brought the public interest litigation work of Hekou District Procuratorate to a higher level.