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DJI F450 w/ Naza Lite; FrSKY Taranis X9D, X8R; Full FPV Setup; Pelican 1650 Case

Discussion in 'Drones For Sale - RTF or ARF' started by aconnell08, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. aconnell08

    aconnell08 New Member

    Sep 23, 2014
    Posted by aconnell08, Jan 8, 2015 #1
    I have decided to sell my DJI F450 build that I completed last fall. I just haven't flown it in over 2 months and I'm looking to go bigger.

    This setup is completely RTF and ready to take anywhere with the included Pelican case. The only thing you will need to do to get it in the air and filming is charge the battery and add the GoPro. The Tarot-2d gimbal is setup to tilt up and down with the Taranis and there is a video switcher to switch back and forth between the Runcam for FPV and the GoPro video so you can adjust for what you are filming.

    The Naza lite is completely configured with the Sbus system of the X8R with all controls configured including return to home, intelligent orientation control, etc. I also have configured the Zaggometry telemetry system to work with the Naza lite and Taranis (it displays Speed, GPS position, heading, lipo voltage, altitude, number of gps satellites, and gps fix type).

    This was built properly and no shortcuts were taken with the build. I can get about 14mins with the 5000mah battery and 11mins with the 4200mah consistently with 'mild' flying - fpv flying in the park with trees.

    Build is as follows, have over $1600 invested with many spare parts not listed here.

    Basic Setup:
    Flame Wheel F450 with Naza-M Lite GPS Combo: 319.99
    FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2.4GHz ACCST Radio & X8R Combo: 219.99
    2x RMRC 4200mAh 4S 35C Lipo Pack: 107.99 (for both) - each have 5 cycles on them total as I just moved to 4s just prior to the last month of flying.
    RMRC 5100mAh 4S 35C Lipo Pack: 64.99 (4 cycles total, see above)
    iMAX B6-AC B6AC Lipo Charger: 32.99
    Graupner E-prop 10x5 Props: 43.99 (also includes spare set that price isn't included here)
    Zaggometry Telemetry: 41.19 (shipped from Germany - these are always sold out and hard to find)

    FPV Gear:
    Boscam FPV 8CH 400MW Video Audio A/V TX: 53.99
    Boscam RX LCD 5802 5.8GHz: 134.59
    RunCam Mini 600TVL: 36.00
    LC Common Mode Power Filter: 15.99
    12v UBEC: 18.99
    RP-SMA 5.8G Pannel Antenna: 10.98
    5.8 GHz SpiroNET Omni RP-SMA Antenna Set (RHCP): 27.99

    Tarot TL68A00 Brushless Gimbal T-2D: 131.98
    Pelican 1650 Case with custom foam: 219.98
    Bluecell Lipo Digital Battery Voltage Checker: 3.95
    1-8s Lipo Battery Tester Low Voltage Buzzer: 6.99
    Nubee Temperature Gun: 16.98
    Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer: 27.89
    Sourcingbay 45 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tools: 13.69
    New RC Receiver Controlled Switch: 19.99 - used for switch for lights but removed for video switcher.
    LayerLens for GoPro 3: 24.99

    I know I am forgetting other stuff but that is the gist of what I could remember. If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me. I can take a video of setting it up and flying it with all controls if requested. Feel free to PM me with special pictures requests as well. It will obviously ship in the Pelican case which I have a lock for that will also be included, the code is changeable. I will provide the code when Paypal information is sent.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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